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        Sadanand is a community arts project supported by the Bajaj Foundation with the aim of connecting young artists with the senior citizens and sharing happiness and love through their engagement with the arts. Ours is a country that values caring for the elders.



At this challenging moment in time, the old age homes that we have worked with need additional financial support to provide for the elders that live there. In the last two years, young emerging artists got involved in our Sadanand programs bringing joy to these communities through creative activity that also encouraged intergenerational interaction. These artists came away feeling enriched by this experience and felt empowered to help raise funds by giving their artworks toward the maintenance and well-being of these senior homes. This Sadanand fundraiser aims to support young artists and the senior homes in this current crisis. List of homes that will be supported : 

◦ Matoshree Vruddhashram, Pune 

◦ Abhalmaya Old Age Home, Pune

◦ Anand Vrudhashram Seva, Palghar 

◦ Sahyog Vruddhashram, Virar

◦ Mauli Vanprasthasram, Igatpuri

◦ Mukti Sopan Nyas Vrud Ashram, Aurangabad

◦ Matoshri Vriddhashram, Kolhapur

◦ Dignity Foundation, Neral 

O U R   O N G O I N G   P R O J E C T   D U R I N G   T H E   C O V I D  P A N D E M I C

Please select the painting below to aquire a work

and help donate 100% to the benefit of the elder homes and the emerging artist

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